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our world class probiotics

What is Probiotic?

Probiotics are good bacteria that work in your gut microbiome to benefit your health. But not all probiotics are the same, and all of the probiotic strains used in NewRhythm products have been clinically studied.

our world class probiotics

How Probiotic is made

Strain Selection

At NewRhythm, we only use human-based bacterial strains, no yeast, no soil-based ones. All of our probiotics are carefully formulated with the most beneficial strains, backed by science and proven effective to work in harmony with the human body.

World-Class Standards

All our products are produced according to FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch is inspected and tested by third party labs for conformance. The probiotic potency is guaranteed through date on bottle when stored as directed.

Commitment to You

We believe in the natural power of your body’s microbiome. NewRhythm Probiotic Supplements help simplify your journey to target your digestive needs. We believe in empowering you to embrace everyday challenges with confidence.


We are living in a world full of adversity, unforeseen events, and uncertainty. Whether you perceive it or not, everything is constantly changing – the environment, the weather, your work, your friends and family, your body, everything.
Embracing change, turning over a new leaf, and rebalancing your life may be tricky sometimes, both physically and mentally.
And our hope is simple - that our products can create an easy routine that provides nutrition, energy & care for your body, mind & soul when you have trouble finding your rhythm. 

our most sincere wish

With NewRhythm everyday, we wish for each and everyone of us to always have

continuous flow of joy,
continuous flow of peace,
continuous flow of inspirations,
continuous flow of vitalenergy,
continuous flow of wellness...

And the better able you are to embrace change in what is happening in your world, the easier it will be for you to live your best life.

Let us take care of and nurture yourself, your body, your mind, everything, with our quality nutritional supplements.

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